Teaching is a Blessed art🎨

Home School!! 2015/2016🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈

We kicked it off with a great start. We are entering year number 2 and I could not be anymore excited! Now that my baby and I are living up North, we are near farms and Amish country again….which means, colorful falls (annual leaf projects) and sweeter winters (tie dye snowmen)…..not to mention the hay rides, farm field trips, museum field trips, etc.

Having taken care of my little boy through the health issues that he had, I acquired a better understanding of the type of learner that he is. He had a natural brain bleed which was closely watched by neurologists. When the cluster of blood vessels grew larger, disabling him in many areas of his health, especially mobility, it was time for the nerve wracking 15 hour brain surgery. All of this started when he was 2….that his father and I know of, his brain could have been bleeding before then, to the age of 4 1/2,when he had his surgery. Now he has annual MRI’s.

He lost his ability to walk on his own and of course had to have therapy to regain it again. My favorite therapies  that he had were Occupational therapy and Speech therapy. I learned quickly that he is an absolute hands on learner. His intelligence shines brightly when he can get involved physically.

To make a long testimony short…I swim in crafts. Every learning lesson that we have has a project tied to it. If we are learning to count money, we role play. We pretend to go grocery shopping. He will grab his toys and those cookies that I told him that he could not have, and he will use them as purchases. I’m the cashier, he is the customer. Pretending to make transactions is how he has been learning to count money as well as socialize properly in a professional situation.

He ends up getting those cookies in the end……he knows what he is doing. 🍪😁

During music while we are learning about beats and rhythm, we will make instruments that we can use…this way he can touch,feel and hear what he is learning.

Music time and reading time are always paired with an art project. His favorite mediums of art are markers and water paints.

Art through music (ATM) project:  “Draw what you feel”

Music: Classical

Composer:  Charles-Camille Saint Saens

Piece:  Danse Macabre (for Violin and Piano)

Art Medium : Markers

He had to draw what he felt after he heard the song. He felt scared at first, and then as he described it, the song felt “Wiggly”. He wanted to hear the song as he drew. I asked him what instruments he heard and he said violins and a piano. He drew to the rhythm of the instruments. 😊


8 thoughts on “Teaching is a Blessed art🎨

  1. ♥ love powered ♥ says:

    It also would be nice if you continued sharing the kind of activities you two do together 😊 been racking my brain over keeping my daughter engaged outside the classroom, so any sources of inspiration would be welcome! ^^

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