Confession of a Writer…..SIN

My sins are not “as bad as” a killer……HOWEVER, my sin is sin. So if a killer is on their way to hell, I must be holding their hand on that journey…God forbid. PEOPLE , put degrees of separation on sin, as if the fornicator is better than the adulterer. All is deceitful and against God and He says….thieves, whoremongers, liars, adulterers, fornicators, etc. all have their place in the lake of fire. I am not judging, just had to pump my breaks for a minute because I am so over societies view of what is deemed forgivable and what should be punishable…….as if you died for me. God died for the liar. He died for the thief. He died for the killer, the rapist, the abuser, the crazy, the sane, the “perfect” people, the substance abusers, and any other born into sin, living in sin, and living in repentance…..all of these categories fit, US.❤

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