When you think too much…Mama Drama

Real life questions

My son; “Mommy, how do unicorns throw up rainbows?”

Me: “They eat too many skittles”

My son; “Mommy, my booger was silver!”

Me; “You’re bionic man….and it better not end up on my floor.”

My son; ” I don’t want you to get old. Stay 30 forever.”

Me; “Awwwwwwe! Give me huggies!”

My son; “Because when you turn old, I might have to wipe your butt.”


Me thinking, while brushing my teeth;

“If unicorns threw up rainbows because they ate too many skittles, does that mean the rainbows would be edible?”🌈

Me thinking, while drinking coffee;

“If his booger was silver, maybe it’s some sort of deficiency. Maybe I should call the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!”😰

Me thinking, while buying a gallon of milk;

“Speaking of growing old…..maybe I should purchase life insurance. What foods reduce the risks of Alzheimers? I need to have more kids so he won’t be by himself. Why is my hand numb???!!! Do I have something!!!!!(While holding 3 bags of groceries in that numb hand)😷

Mama dramaπŸ‘™

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