Late night tea swigging, chocolate chomping…….and writing!

I love the suspense in this delicious piece….you will as well!!!!

Ellie's World

Late at night and I’m working away on my post, words are coming easily and finally I have no distractions – the rest of the house is asleep.  My ears pick up I thought I heard something, far away but I can’t be sure so I carry on.  No, no it’s nothing probably the pipe work old houses are notorious for making lots of noise. But wait! there it is again – for heaven’s sake forget it, it’s nothing just your imagination.  I carry on as best I can but it’s no good my train of thought’s been interrupted one too many times.  I can definitely hear it.  I stop writing and listen. Sighing I get up and head toward the kitchen.  Tentatively I switch on the lights, hesitantly I take the first step across the room all the while the noise is getting louder – in my heart of hearts I have always…

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