Vines of Love💓

Love is a strong word.  However, “inlove”, is an even stronger word. Love goes from being exclusive, to the most intimate of all, putting your entire soul, IN-love.

Love……It is a risk that we take anyhow, because life happens. People get sick and people pass, which is a test to our love…..those risks are more permissible than the risks with selfish intent. Not to say that I would want to lose my love through sickness, but if I lost my love within such a scenario , I want to be so in love with him, that losing him devastates my world. I want to love knowing, that I will survive without him, but I don’t want to live without him. I look forward to this kind of love.

I look forward to the kind of love that surrenders my self centered ambitions, without being coerced . With a shared vision we live our life…..not lives, as we will be one. That’s love. It is without selfishness and hidden agendas.

There are so many reasons why we should love, and so many more reasons why, we should love carefully .

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