Things I will have…….Written affirmations

It has occurred to me that I have been surviving some how, with a broken heart. I need this sucker to mend so that I can move along in my blessings and not drag dung, into the next phase of my life.

Written affirmations (4 self) Raven, you will…

1.) Love again, and be loved

2.) take the “closed” sign off of the uterus…eventually….also adopt.👶

3.) Put some stamps in my travel log

4.) Recieve a hug, with my sketchy self.

5.) Milk a cow….I live near farms and I have never done this before. (Don’t judge me.)

6.) Make a friend who is willing to hear my issues, and still be my friend afterwards.

7.) Buy a kitten and name her “Pandora”.

8.) Complete my book that I started writing at 26……..before I turn 31 next year.

9.) Visit my Mom’s childhood, in New York.

10.) Write a letter to someone and get a response. Texting is overrated.

11.) Bake cookies for the local fire department.

12.) Feed the hungry…..and I mean a 3 course meal.

13.) Buy gifts for my neighbors🎁

14.) Sugarcreek, Ohio

15.) Walk in God’s calling over my life

2 thoughts on “Things I will have…….Written affirmations

  1. eandeoconnor says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Having a broken heart sucks but nobody has ever died from it – I should know!! Be kind and gentle with yourself work on those affirmations I can’t wait to hear how your doing ps make sure you look your best so he can see what he’s missing more fool him ellie

    • predestined30 says:

      I had to laugh at your ending😁 Yes…I am working on me, in every aspect.I am absolutely happy that you are enjoying my blog😌 Thank you for all of your feedback. It is very helpful and useful. I will survive!!!!💔❤

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