I don’t feel like it……πŸ˜”

Investments of time

Investments of care

Investments of love

Till I grew grey in my hair.

Well, not quite yet,

Although sometimes I feel,

Like life is slip..slip…slipping away

And aging feels all too real.

If you deal with jackasses, you will get kicked,

My vows to be a better friend has made my ownself sick.

No phone calls…

No care….

I’m quite sure no prayers…..

No; “How are you? I’m here, when life gets unfair”.

Why do we act like our waste doesn’t stink?

But all you jokers walked away when I began to sink.

So I don’t feel like supporting.

I don’t feel like caring.

I don’t feel hearing about the pain you are bearing.

So I’m going to boldly tell you all, what you couldn’t boldly say…

Learn how to be alone and friendless…take your problems to God when you pray.

You didn’t quite say this, but I read the writings on your backs,

While I tried to follow closely behind,

Like a sad dog walking in your tracks.

I don’t feel like being more of a heartfelt human than any of you……

But I can’t help but to love, the way God taught me to.

Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 18:24; Proverbs 27:6


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