Hannah, the barren and the Blessed🌹

1Samuel 1:1-28

Hannah’s story is told so clearly. She was one of the very beloved wives of Elkanah. Her story was like some of ours……her soul and spirit were so wrenched with pain because she could not have children.

While life went on, and she watched the children of others grow, she was barren. Her pain was not one that she kept to herself, she was explicit with her desire of being a mother. She wept, her soul was bitter, and she was so affected by her barreness that she stopped eating.

She pleaded to God and explained her sorrows to Him. She vowed to God, that if He would Bless her with a son, she would give her child back to Him, and raise him in His ways.

The Lord answered unto her cries and Blessed her with a little boy. She kept her word, and lent her baby to God, raised him up in the ways of the Lord, and when he became a young man………………..

*SAMUEL, the son of Hannah and Elkanah, became one of the greatest God fearing and serving leaders in the history of the Bible.

Ladies, God is able. Place your desires and sorrows in His hands. Before I had my son, I had to deal with many heartbreaks after reading; “Not Pregnant”, on those delightful yet dreadful pregnancy tests. When I was Blessed with my baby, I was reminded that when we think all hope is gone……Jesus remembers us, STILL. He is faithful.❤

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