False teachers (From the book of Jude)🙏

The book of Jude is an Apostolic letter (Epistle), written by Jude, brother of James, both…half brothers of Jesus Christ. The purpose of Jude is to explain and warn about false teachings, and to be careful not to be decieved because advantage and popularity that these men and women have. The book of Jude shows a clear cut difference between false teachings and heresy  and faith.

To that Bishop, that was never ignored….

To that pastor that everyone adored….

That minister whom laid hands on the sick….

That deacon who thought he could trick.

I was young, but I watched.

I served food to the hungry, but I watched.

I gave away clothing, but I watched.

I witnessed to the lost, but I watched.

I spent time with the youth, but I watched.

I sat in Sunday school….

Went to the altar…

Sung in the choir,

And did not falter…..But,

I watched.

To that backbiting minister whose agenda was laced with jealousy,

To that pastor whose roaring preachings were fueled with heresy,

To that deacon whose mind was scattered, every Sunday,

And to that Bishop, whom used *advantage to take advantage, in every which way…..

For a time your deception ruined me,

Had me wandering in open space.

I could not find my purpose…..

And I could not find my place.

Then one day as I walked upon my lost and broken road

I saw footsteps right beside me and I no longer felt the cold.

God took my hand and placed me on the narrow path of another direction,

When I rested by the water, I saw many lost,

In my reflection.

Jesus showed me those who, like myself, had turned away from salvation,

Because of demonic false teachers who speak with corruption and fill innocent hearts with abrasions.

The day is coming where they will be shut down..exposed and intentions made clear.

But until that day is fulfilled in full,

I’ll warn as many who are willing to hear.

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