a proper role model

Excellent!!!!!! Keep digging deep line this!!!

💞 with love, dot i/0. 💞

To what extent is your self esteem based on the kind of work you do… or rather, the work you don’t have?

Being underemployed for as long as I have, and considering where my immediate family is coming from, I can’t help but feel like something of a… failure. Yet in retrospect, I truly was doing all that I could to be financially stable! I just tried doing it in my own way, which ultimately was for naught. Tried many times, and failed at most. There were some surprising victories, though.. such as the internship I never thought I would’ve landed parlaying itself into a job. While short-lived it was, it gave me quite a bit of confidence that I knew what I was doing. But still…

What about being a writer?

In my heart of hearts, this is a path that I would love to explore. My inner critic…

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