Slammed doors

I’m so sorry for your losses, but I’m not the one who broke you.

Yes, I fell…when already fallen, for your kindness and will to listen, and this you know to be true.

I don’t place blame for the choices I made, nor will lie and call you bad.

I gravitated towards your light, when my world was dark and sad.

Now looking back, I see your trouble, and I am sorry I imposed.

But I will not play victim or victor…..and that is just the way it goes.

How many times I have said sorry, it was never enough for your tired heart.

Forgiveness is not just another trend, it is like a rare piece of art.

It is borderline insult to be labled, as another bad lesson learned,

And slightly frustrating to look past your mess, yet, see the stars you’ve earned.

I am not perfect…when did you discover?

Was it when I confided in you with my life?

Or the moment when emotions got the best of me, and you decided I was causing you more strife?

All questions rhetorical, I really do get it,

It is hard being a friend,

when your world is also shaken up, and you want to begin again.

I know I made you weary, and that was never my task….

I know your strong, but perhaps that strength was just a little masked.

I shake my head, because I should have been a better friend.

Perhaps I would not have seen that road come to a sudden end.

Though I met you with great purpose and I do have some regrets,

None lie in who you are,

Just vulnerability that should have been kept….

Safely in the hands of God,

While under His tutelage I hid….

While safely recovering from my own broken heart,

And not placing far fetched bids.

I read between your lines and I respect that I’m a “lesson”,

But this lesson…regardless…called by God,

Like yourself……

is a  great Blessing.

Good lesson learned.

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