To every Dad, Papi, Abba, Pop❤…

You are amazing men…men of valour.

You carry so much responsibility on your shoulders…sometimes, the weight of the world.

You care for those who are not even yours….like they came from your blood line. You raise them, teach them, send them off to school, they look you in the eyes…make your heart melt, wrap their little arms around your neck, you are the first man in their lives…..even the first real men in their lives, their first dance partner, their first coach…..They call you daddy, and there is no other title in life that makes you more proud than that one.

Your in those delivery rooms, watching your women toil in pain, wishing you could take their places….and glad that you’re not them👶😊. And if I can be totally honest…..sometimes you get less sleep in those hospitals, than the new mom herself. Confession….I only changed one pamper in the hospital…and realized quickly that, after your stomach has been sliced wide open to get baby out,  and you are in too much pain to wipe your own behind…….Men, are quite the humble creation. TMI? No. That is life.

You travel near and far for work to put 3 square meals on the table, to keep the lights on and the water running, even to buy the occasional toy and teeth rotting treat…..when mom says “no”😉.

You have dreams and aspirations that you often put on hold for your families……DON’T put them on hold! Go after them, and take your Blessings along with you for the ride…as long as no one gets hurt. If being an excellent father and husband is your dream and aspiration, be the best! We want to see you make it. When you make it, we make it. Never grow old with regrets.

Simplicity often makes you more happier than we realize.

You’ll often put our needs above your own. If one of us is sick and you are as well, you will give up the last tea spoon of cough syrup.

You have a million life lessons that we need to hear.

You give us safety and security…long after  we’ve grown up.

You have feelings.

You can be as emotional as women….and you have every right to be.

You worry.

You wonder if you are good enough, smart enough, even valuable.

You cry….you hurt….wipe up our tears and your own.

I always wanted you in my life, briefly had you. I have seen your importance through the love of Christ…my Heavenly father.

You are important.

You are the epitome  of pride.

You are needed…you are wanted…and you are loved.

Thank you for your sacrafice.

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