Standards….furthering this statement

A real man invites God into his life. ❤

What makes this man real, is the mere fact that he acknowledges that he can not make it in this world, without the divine help of God. He is not perfect, but strives to be excellent…..and that is daily work. His excellence is shown through how he loves and respects his family.

Perfection is not a part of his life, but progression is. As God moves, he moves, raising a home that moves in his motion. I am speaking my Blessing into existence

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21

Choose your words wisely, and speak LIFE, into your own circumstances.

7 thoughts on “Standards….furthering this statement

    • predestined30 says:

      ABSOLUTELY!😊 And this is why……..
      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against The rulers of the darkness of this world, against Spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12
      The body of Christ is one body, made up of many different people with different talents and gifts…..and also made up of families. Satans first point of attack is the home and the family structure. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, however, the enemy and his demons are going to try to knock out as many as they possibly can. They cannot come into our homes or stay in our homes unless we keep them there or invite them in. Satan can’t destroy the church as a whole, but he will attack families, and if he can get Past the head of the home, which is the husband, he can get to the whole family. Man was designed by God to be the covering over the home. They are the protecors over what is theirs, under God. This is why Adam was made first. This has nothing to do with being sexist. Oherwise Eve would not have be sculpted from the rib of Adam, or at all. Adam needed his wife, and God knew this. A “helpmate”.
      But the moment that Adam forfeited his responsibility to protect and cover his wife……well, you can read what happens after that. After Adam and Eve sinned, sin came into the world. Will you believe me if I said that no animal ate any animal, before Adam and Eve fell? There was no blood shed before sin, in any aspect.
      Even though Eve is the one who disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree, God went to Adam first….the head of the home.
      A man who invites God into his life is not perfect……far from it. He is not a religious nut. He is not an extremist nor is he a religious psychopath, that we hear so much about in the news. In fact, he is not religious at all. He walks by faith and not by sight…..religion walks by sight. If you’ve read the rest of what I wrote, a real man acknowledges that he needs God to live this life right, and to protect and take care of his family right.
      Divorce rates are so high and families are falling a part, because people are not believing for one, that this world is very spiritual….Ephesians 6:12 is no metaphor. It is literal. If we could see with our naked eyes, the things that surround us….we would not be able to handle it. But getting back on track… and women are not understanding their roles in the home and the purpose and need for God to be our covering. We can’t put our own sheild of protection over our homes, but God can. When I first got married, I use to always want to pray with my husband, over our home, when things were bad and when things were good. But he never wanted to. However, he was very religious. I could not have a wedding ring. I could not wear pants. Etc. My response was like yours: “What?”
      When you come together with anyone in prayer, it creates a bond and security between you and that person. When husband and wife come together in prayer, it covers our home, our marriage, children, draws us closer together and closer to God. And it’s biblical:

      “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”Matthew 18:20

      I’ll. Conclude this in another message.

    • predestined30 says:

      My marriage, my home fell a part due to irresponsible living. My covering allowed a lot of foolishness to come into our home, and it broke down walls of protection. No amount of my begging and pleading could have changed that man. Even when I prayed for him……if he was not willing to make the choice to do the right thing, then no amount of prayer was going to work.Today, a lot of his views have changed for the better, however, so did I over a course of time.God gives us the right to choose….that’s called love. But He will never force us to choose Him, in order for Him to love us. He is going to love us, even if we hate him. But for every choice, there are consequences.
      People place blame on God all of the time for bad things happening , but many fail to realize that, He was CRUCIFIED and falsely accused. The ultimate bad which resulted in giving us the chance to live, happened to Him. Life is going to happen. I do not blame God for the craziness that happened in my marriage. We had choices. And I will say it again……
      A real man invites God into his life.
      I can’t stress enough, that there are certain troubles that you avoid by inviting Him in, and Blessings that get poured out into your life. ☺

      • rainawareness says:

        You know, that was pretty deep and all, but you can be a good person without knowing any religion, and you can be a bad person even if you’re very religious (there have been priests who have raped children). So I really don’t think religion is what makes a man a man. Same for girls as well.

      • predestined30 says:

        I did not say that “Religion” made a man, a man. I do not believe in religion ☺
        And I do agree with you…there are plenty of backwards people who say that they are Christian, yet the term “Christian” means Christ like… be like Jesus Christ. I know quite a few of them, but for the reasons that you mentioned and others, no…..they are not real men and women either. To deliberately hurt and ruin someone else’s life is a lack of integrity and decency, for one, but it is not. godly either. One who partakes in evil is not a Christian…..even if they say that they are. They do not know God, because if they did, how could they not have any conviction? Getting back on track…….
        It all boils down to a matter of choice. God is not a religion. Those who follow Him, do so by faith. We know that we cannot work our way into Heaven. We do not earn Heaven by knocking on a million doors and praying to saints with a rosary. That is religion. Christians..we know that we are imperfect people in need of forgiveness, daily….in need of a Savior to pardon our sins…to help us live Holy..that is what He died for. There are not a certain amount of prayers that we have to pray daily to prove our loyalty. We do not have to make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem like that of Mecca. If we never laid eyes on the birth place of Jesus Christ…..His feelings would not be hurt. I promise😊All God requires from us, is our hearts…..if we choose. And we follow Him, by faith.
        However, you do make a valid point.

  1. predestined30 says:

    The whole point of satan, is to divide and conquer.Look at the news, and you see it happening. He knows he will spend his eternity in hell and wants to drag as many with him as he possibly can.Even if you dont agree with what I have written, I am glad that you opened up a platform for me to explain. ❤

  2. predestined30 says:

    I also agree that, even those who are religious and have different beliefs that teaches love and some form of goodness…..when they are living evil…they are not being real to their own beliefs nor being true to those that they are attempting to teach. Real men and Real women are not hypocritical…..that would have been a good subtitle 😉 Also, Christians are far from perfect. You can read through many of my writings and see that. Thank you for your honest feedback. I will keep it in mind for sure. I definitely think about how I mess up in life, I still love God, and I most certainly would not want to be called anything but, REAL. My heart is more opened than you may think. ☺

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