One Day…….

One day, I will have the sort of love that completes me and that will not have my heart desperate and in search of, what it is already getting.

One day, I will be told that I am loved, and actually believe it, because he displays love through his actions.

One day, I will wake up next to someone that gives me butterflies in my stomach…even when he wakes up looking rough.

One day, I will know what a close embrace and bear hug, feels like again.

One day our eyes will lock….over a simple cup of burnt coffee.

One day, this day will not even matter. “Things happened for a reason,” will all makes sense to me…..and I will have peace, that they did.

One day, God and a sweet and gentle kiss on my jaw, will be all that I need to carry me through my day.

These one day’s will happen…..but until then………I am just fine with “me”. ☺

3 thoughts on “One Day…….

  1. Nato says:

    Beautiful. I relate to this very much. I was “just me” for a few years, and I was good. I was rediscovering myself and when I stopped trying, God threw this wonderful man before me. It is all very new still, but so far, it has been magic and I feel those someday words you mentioned above. Thank you for writing this, and in God’s time, your someday will come.

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