Careful! They bite!

I know we all make mistakes,

But mistakes become distasteful, like pies over-baked.

I know he seems sweet, but look underneath,

He twitches and hisses like a snake, preparing to squeeze the life out of his treats.

You are that tasty morsel, he slithers around,

That man is on a mission, he’s marking his ground.

As soon as you’ve landed under his trance,

He’ll give you thorned roses and deceitful romance.

She’s beautiful….model(esque)….she is just what you want,

But below that painted exterior, is her covered up front.

She has a poisonous bite and many legs to move around.

She’s a domineering black widow,so I suggest you don’t make a sound.

Just watch her movements and how she spins her web…..

But be sure you don’t end up lying, paralyzed in her bed.

The cost of blind attraction can ruin ones life…

So choose with eyes open and self control,

When the timing is just right.

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