Homosexual Rainbow

You precious, valued souls, I love that you’re so kind,

How you embrace my diversity, and pay prejudices no mind.

I’m not here to talk of our disagreements with your sexuality….

I’m here to discuss an issue that hits “my” reality.

For years the gay community has adopted a certain flag…one of vibrant colours of life, that has been their staple and their tag.

The “rainbow” has connected and joined, a certain tolerance,

But no other sign could have been chosen to fit that preference?

Here is a brief history of what’s been twisted and turned…

Again, I am not here to insult….just sit back and Learn.

In the days of Noah, when the world was corrupt, much like the times we’re in now,

God set a part a man and his family…let me tell you how.

Noah and his kin served the Lord with their souls, while their neighbours scoffed and mocked,

God disdained the sin of the world…..

Decided humanity must be stopped.

So He told Noah that He would send a great flood and kill every breathing thing….

Except on the Ark that Noah built, from where new life God would bring.

He told Noah to build that Ark, save his family and call the beasts by two……

Wait! This true story gets better! Don’t worry…I’m almost through.

Noah built the ark and God brought the floods with fear and devastation,

when the raining stopped a dove was sent to find some vegetation.

Then finally life started fresh and the Ark was left behind…

Never again would God destroy the earth with flood…the “rainbow” was God’s promise and sign, for humanity…..to remind.

The rainbow is my hope, the truth to the word,

Not to honour down low Johnny who secretly turns tricks, yet wants to fly free like a bird.

See, so many with gay pride assume that all resistance is fueled with hate,

But when you tamper with the Sanctity of the Gospel, you look for pitch forks, torches and debate.

“Yes, Jesus loves me…..” and He loves you to,

But that rainbow is “HIS” promise to the world,

It has nothing to do with flamboyant parades and just “you”.

You’ve dealt with hate, sadly, for being gay…

But I hope you listen closely to what Christians like me have to say.

What you do is your business, we can still have some  tea. I will respect you…..if you will respect me.

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