You prayed with me, and told me to avoid hell, that I needed to repent,

But when my life fell a part, I did not know where the <hell> you went.

My hair has gone uncut, I only had sex with one,

His words were like daggers so I decided to run.

When I did, you people told me that I needed to submit,

So feeling hopeless I returned to pain,

Praying to God that the spirit of death would not cause us to commit…..

Murder/suicide, like we hear so much in the news,

Headliner: “husband and wife in what was thought to be a Christian home……” You know where I’m going with this.

I did not want us to fill those shoes.

Wanting to give my 10 percent, only for what was right,

Why can’t I question where it goes? Why must their be a fight?

God’s house is filled with love, but then there is jezebel,

that ancient spirit who seduces blind souls, and makes the good intentioned unwell.

What? You folks thought that demons only lurked outside?

I have little faith in unsanctified walls…

Only Jesus, He’s my pride.

I’m not on this earth to just tell you the good.

I’ve accepted my mission, that a wise few have understood.

Take heed when you walk into the doors of a church,

Know that the battle is between Heaven and earth…..

Know that God called you with purpose and might….

Even HE warns us to stay gentle but keep what is real in clear sight.

I’m an imperfect messenger, to our perfect God.

He rewards His own richly, and through love chastises with an iron rod.

Yes repentance is necessary to avoid going to hell,

But so is being a Christian, which means “ChristLIKE”,  Only a few will tell.

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