And one day, none of this will matter…

With all of this alone time, has come the gift of realization and reflection. I am not in the mind frame of; ” I am woman! Hear me roar…” just because my freedom has changed. Quite honestly, I do not like it. Some days I feel like my plans have been derailed.

I enjoy commitment, cooking dinner for the man I spend my life with, being a loving and supportive wife. These days, the only male I cook  for is my son……and I am very content with that right now.

Life has turned a corner for me, and while I am no wonderer, I am a bit interested in knowing how the next few chapters of my life look……..I am sure nothing identical to what I have in mind.

However, raising myself to understand what it means to live by faith and not by sight, I understand that self-centeredness is not a part of God’s package, nor is it His character. So with that, I am heading back to my calling….Missionary work ❤

Those of us who proclaim Christ, should understand that one day we will have to give an account for what we did on earth. It is not going to matter what you did for yourself. What will matter is how you laboured for the Kingdom of God, which is everlasting, how you lived for God, and how you shared the good News of salvation with others.

I am speaking from no place of perfection…..I am still being renewed from a backsliding state, but I am speaking from a place of honesty, love, and understanding. I know that my soul and your soul depends on how we walk in our callings….not what we have called ourselves to do, but the calling that God has ordained over our lives.

The bottom line question is this……

It is not a matter of if, but WHEN God tells you to forsake everything in life that is important to you, <——-that is not for you nor God…..would you do it and follow Him? If you knew that the eternal destination of your soul and the souls of others depended on your choice to forsake your own life or to forsake Christ?

Think about the 12 Apostles. They faced the same exact decision. Some of them had careers that they gave up to follow God, family that they were very close to….for the purpose of our TODAY.

I would not know of Jesus Christ, if they chose not to follow Him. Your decision will affect souls, years from now.

Let the dead bury the dead.

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