Who are your children?

So what do you do when your sinuses are flaring? You go brew some coffee, talk to God and write on WordPress. ❤

I have not been feeling good for the past few days, but Monday was the worst. While my son got well (Thank God), my sinuses decided to drain and take with it all of my energy. Parents, you know how life goes……it goes ON, whether you are well or not. This meant, grocery shopping still had to get done, cooking had to get done….and then there is cleaning.

Part way through dinner I had to excuse myself to go lie down on the couch. When I get back up, my 6 year old put the leftovers away, cleaned the table, mopped the floor and did the dishes. Without being asked. ❤

I was not even surprised, because ministry of “helps” is a part of his upbringing…….just very proud and very Blessed.

When we left Florida, it was a bit traumatic. It was not anything as a mother that I wanted for my child, but to save his peace of mind, it was necessary. One thing I learned about my son through our journey back home, is that his faith is sharp. His belief in the greatness of God at his age, amazes me. He was losing that where we were.

When my son was about 4 1/2 we were at church giving an offering. When it was his turn to put his offering in the basket, he was afraid to go near the ushers who were holding the baskets. He sort of just threw the money in and quickly walked away. Later on my son tells me how he is scared to go to the altar and give his offering. I ask why, and he told me that it looked like the ushers hands were on fire. I later find out from the pastors wife that everyday, the ushers are at the church praying. I was in awe of the Lord.

Who are your children? What is their purpose in this world? How will you know if you do not know your own?

We hinder our little ones from being who they are supposed to be, by not knowing who we are supposed to be.

God used my child to show me the goodness that is yet present in this world.

To help the sick, the poor in spirit, the fatherless, the brokenhearted……..he remembered God’s character. He remembered, this is what Jesus would do and he served with no reservations and with no reward in mind.

Who are your children?

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