Fake girls….For thirsty men

I’m not against make up, but what’s underneath?

Real age….Real beauty…..REAL men want to seek.

Should I put my clevitch on display to show my sex appeal?

Or does my covered up chest turn you away…..makes you feel that I’m NOT real?

Does a woman’s over sexualized antics make you feel more like a “man?”

Or was the refusal to be a whore, the reason why you ran?

Do I have to be “Maybaline”, to get a double take?

Sneak cheesy chilli nachos at home but in front of you eat rice cakes?

Should I wear heels  that make my feet arched, but naturally they are flat?

It’s funny how you thought she’d change, just because you called her fat.

Cinched waists, highlighted hair, push up bras to hold……

The truth your breast fed baby made them sag, and made your chest look old.

When he looks at your body, naked and bare…..Will you have something to hide?

Or will you drop your robe and let him approach you with confidence and pride?

9 thoughts on “Fake girls….For thirsty men

      • arcade1775 says:

        Why do you think that is? My theory is somewhere along the lines of living among a prevalent culture where external appearance is promoted much more than one’s personality and character… but this is coming from a person who honestly hasn’t had many encounters with the opposite sex, so idk.

      • predestined30 says:

        Well, you make a point. Outer beauty is “simply” glamourized, while we have to have “campaign’s” for inner beauty. Is it that hard to honor real beauty? Now little girls and grown women want big plump lips, where, not so long ago, some of the same generations and blood lines attributed big lips with being ethnically unattractive…..the same goes with women wanting curves and large behinds. There is so much societal self hate and there is a double standard floating around like the flu……..for a woman to be loved and treated llike a feminine woman, she must be made up, while a man can look effortlessly like a bum, and is supposed to still look sexy. However, women are the worst critics of themselves. We compete against one another to win the temporal attention of men, we are spiteful towards one another…….being plastic is just the tip of the iceberg. This issue with beauty comes from within. When people feel ugly, they act ugly. When they feel hopeless, they portray hopelessness. When they are told that they are not pretty or attractive enough…….they linger in the mirror a bit longer and over think their image.

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