Chasing Dreams

Have you ever noticed the ridiculous advice that generations of teachers and “life coaches” have given to us? The kind of advice that, if they thought a little bit harder, it would not make sense to themselves?

“So you’re telling me that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will NEVER hurt me?”

So “verbal abuse” does not exist? Bullies do not always lay hands on the innocent….in fact most bullying that leads to self-infliction of the victim, even homicide/ (Columbine), is verbal bullying and taunting. Even Jesus Christ says that the power of life and death are in the tongue.

I tell my little boy, words destroy or they build up. I would rather endure a few broken bones that heal more quickly ,than a broken spirit that can last a person their entire lives. Broken spirits make broken choices that break other people’s hearts.

I was the kind of kid that would rather get detention, than agree with absurd authority. I questioned my authority, every chance that I got, to see where they were mentally and to see in what ways I could trust them when it came to me learning, or to see if I needed to keep my distance from them.

Even as a child I wanted to live a TOXIC FREE ZONE, life. I have carried that belief into adulthood.

We are told to chase our dreams. In my experience of chasing….it never ended up well. If I have to chase anything, then it is not meant to be. Chasing makes you tired…to the point that you can not run anymore.

Dreams and I have a special bond. We go to sleep together. We wake up together. We eat together. We work and play together, and we make it happen together, but never do my dreams require nor expect me to ware myself out by chasing after them. They are here for me.

Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

7 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

    • predestined30 says:

      I started because it is my belief that a parent/parents have the right to delegate what our children learn, how they learn,and who they are around when they learn. We, as parents and caregivers are.their first teachers. If you look at the school system… is just that..a SYSTEM, of government and beaurocracy, robotically educating our children, but they are not learning values. They are put into over crowded institutions where the parents are forced to trust whose hands we have to leave them in for 8 hours a day,5 days a week…..more over, socialization in the public school system, private school system, daycare, is a joke and it’s dangerous. You have no idea who your kid is around,when you are not. Just because they are in school, does not mean that they are properly socializing. Truth be told,I don’t want my child hanging out with everyones kid. With public schooling, your choices are limited. If I can do a side by side comparison of a home school child verses a public school child when it came to who is more well rounded….I would choose the homeschool child. not because I homeschool my own, because a child who is homeschooled ,their parents are able to be hands-on with them everyday. Home school children have a greater opportunity to be more in touch with their world, and have more time and freedom. the parent has the right to filter what their child learns, and how they learn it and who they learn it with. if you want to get biblical with homeschooling the Bible says our children are supposed to be raised with biblical values. Example, how to treat others, how to love, how to have respect, manners, work ethic, all of these things our public schools lack. Home schooling your child allows for you to bond more with them pin point their talents and gifts and foster them more efficiently, get them involved with their community while you are right by their side. Their minds are not conditioned like zombies. Going back to socialization…there is a world full of parents in every state and city who home school. We plan events and play dates together, take field trips together, even do certain classes together,like science, math, etc. You are never alone,neither will your child be. Their are convention’s as well.

  1. predestined30 says:

    I started off by learning the homeschool laws according to my state. Look up (HSLDA) Home School Legal Defense Association.
    Once you learn the laws of your state you will know what subjects you are required to teach…..
    Homeschooling curriculum is totally up to you, as long as it meets state standards.

  2. predestined30 says:

    Unfortunately, there are sick people who home school their kids for sinister reasons, so laws had to be set in place in most states when it came to homeschooling, to protect children from abusive intentions. HSLDA legally protects parents and caregivers whom home school, as laws can change. HSLDA fights to help us parents continue to have our rights to home school.

  3. cuppajoeandthou says:

    I love this. I have written down the last paragraph and would love to quote you at some point (with all due credit and links back to you:) if you wouldn’t mind. The image of our dreams being part of the fabric of life that comforts us, warms us, accompanies us…wearing our dreams makes them our reality…
    these are the images that came to mind while reading your post! What a wonderful inspiration for December 31st!! Thank you! Happy and Blessed New Year!

    • predestined30 says:

      What an honor! I am so happy that you took joy in my writing and in the message that I wanted to get across. By all means…..SHARE!!! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my words.😌❤ You have a very Blessed and prosperous New Year!

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