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In the end we all walk alone, but what lessons will we learn from others and ourselves, before we get there? Hopefully that alone time is used to reflect.
Enjoy this piece! 🙂


I’ve had loved ones say it’s going to be ok/

Turn their backs on me…

so somehow I have learned my way/

Burned a trail of lies…

So what’s the truth in the words they say/

Like who’s going to be there on your worst of days/

Are your accomplishments worth their praise/

Who’ll be there when you fall and are somewhat afraid/

Who’ll stop to grab your arm like a champions raised/

Look around and ask yourself who’s down till the grave/

Forgiveness in their hearts with humility and grace/

Who understands perfection is an impossible place/

And finding those that are is an unreachable chase/

Who’s real who’s fake…

Who’s a learning lesson waiting to be replaced/

Do their actions match the words coming out their face/

Friends out of convenience unproven till this date/

Understand theirs but do they see your pain/

Or maybe they don’t have…

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