Confessions of a Mother (Peek into my medicine cabinet)

If you have an issue with your body, just become pregnant. You will lose all sense of discretion. By the time you give birth, you will have lost count of the many people who have seen your vagina. Child bearing is no modest event.


True story:

While pregnant with my son I had quite a few prenatal check ups. I was assigned a geneticist  and every part of my son’s development was monitored more than the “normal” pregnancy….if there is a normal pregnancy :-). One appointment day, I  had the greatest amount of confidence. I loved my body, I loved my belly…I just felt like a hot momma……so with that confidence I decided to do some “landscaping”……without a mirror. When I got to the doctors office I was ready to go. I got ready on that lab table like; “Come on doc! Peep this…..!”  So I’m just smiling in my mind thinking….”Bald Eagle.”

When I got home I was still high on confidence. So I asked the significant other to take a gander. I was so proud of my handy work. His response:

“Uhhh, you missed a spot…. or 2 or 3.”

My response:

“WHAT!? WHAT!? I have patch work? You didn’t tell me!!!???? ( poor guy did not know) You know that I can’t see beyond the perimeter of my stomach!!!”

I was mortified when I thought back on the fact that my doctor saw my hack job. Moral of the story…….Dad’s, roll up your sleeves. You have some humbling work on your hands. You will become a professional masseur, chauffeurs for our craving runs, and personal Gardner’s, amongst other things :D….but your job pays well. ❤

Your privacy ends the moment that test reads (+) (ll). After that, all hands on deck…..or up your birth canal. Bathroom time becomes a community event. My infant playfully sat on my lap,  gumming down a teether, as baby slobber strung through my fingers, while I nonchalantly sat on the commode…..paying a bill over the phone. It happens at times.

Now 6 years old, he stands in the door way of the bathroom shooting nerf guns…..while I am on the commode. That also happens at times.

And so my story continues……… ❤

Becoming a Mother has torn down every  filter, every boundary, every wall, tested my patience….taken my patience, made me see my crazy, made me see my calm, gave me courage to face my fears, sharpened my faith, showed me how to love and made me a woman of my word.

We all like to sneak into medicine cabinets to see what’s hidden….why sneak? I’ll just show you…….:-)

Being a mom does not take your life away, it adds to it. God is good!

As my mother has stated many times to me; “motherhood has brought the best out of you.”

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!! ❤

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