“Self”‘ (The narcissistic brain)

Dedicated to one of my favorite authors and people. Your perseverance through it all, makes me proud and has kept my focus clear, concerning these matters. And to anyone who understands this, all too well.

A narcissist does not give an eff about you, or you, or anyone else.

When you finally walk away from their crippling bullshit, they throw themselves on the ground like children, and throw such a fit in the eyes of the world, to try to tare you down, one last time. They are the ones who were “victimized” remember…not you.

They can never celebrate with you while you are in your highs in life….But they bask in your lows, and remind you how much you need them and there is always some life lesson that they need to school you in while you’re already down……..way to kick me in my face, thank you! They will gladly say ,you’re welcome…..

Because even when you are sarcastically praising them, they’ll take it , because it is about them.

If you are sick, you might as well just die…not even that moment can be yours. You will get no sympathy. But if they get a splinter in their finger…….someone shot their hand off. God, help the man or woman who does not call 911 over the splinter, all hell Will break out, and now you are dealing with a loose cannon….not understanding how something so small made them candidates to a straight jacket and rubber room.

All that you know, is that you are in the cross fire of a gun war….only now, the weapons used are manipulation and verbal and emotional abuse. If you had an ounce of happiness, get ready to have it taken from you in…..3……2……..1

After your self esteem has been destroyed and your mind and emotions have been battered and bruised….they will call you honey, after calling you a whore, baby, after calling you a bitch.

While you are still paralyzed in that moment of terror…they have already moved on, and they are as sweet as honey……..UNTIL, they notice that you are not showing them affection, because you just can’t. How can you love some one who is so hurtful?

At which point, the cycle begins again.

Get out…..While your mind is still in tact. Don’t stay a victim. Become an advocate for others.

2 thoughts on ““Self”‘ (The narcissistic brain)

  1. betternotbroken says:

    The sooner you get out the better. So true, get out while your mind is in tact because once that erodes it is very difficult to get out. Great post.

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