My Mother’s Day Gift……To your 18 year old, you.

As I waved good bye with my middle finger,

I thought;

“This will be the last time, that I let this anger linger.”

I make promises that I strive to keep.

With my map drawn up, you drunkards full of folly, did nothing but sleep.

Let me close the garage door with the car gas running…..While these feet and little size 2″s in that rain….keep running.

That rain poured, like God absorbed all of the water of the earth,

And symbolically cleansed us like we entered a rebirth.

Too young to realize the risks I’d take for you,

I will tare this world up, to ensure that your present and future is bright and renewed.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned……

Well, hell was not ready for mother’s……you’ve been warned.

I am not hungry, but like a beast, I will rip a part..and while you’re still gasping for air, take out that beating heart.

Make no sudden movements, unless it is full of love….

I can be as slick and mean as a serpent, yet gentle, as a dove.

My kisses were toxic, like poisonous darts,

I knew my aim, right from the very start.

Explicitly speaking, for years, at that.

My pleads were tossed like soda that went flat.

I prayed….and. cried….and yelled for a change.

But he laughed at me…..nearly made me deranged.

So, sweet boy, while your heart anguished with pain,

I gently held your face and said;

I promise we will leave, and these dark moments will be dead.

I knew you were scared, and so was I…..

But a mother’s mandate is to love and protect her gifts, until the day she dies.

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