What makes an abuser? To others, or to self?

Know what to look for….

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There are different forms of abuse; physical and psychological abuse of others; physical and psychological abuse of self, and these abuse forms can manifest in different ways too. Why do people abuse others and themselves?

Cycle-of-family-abuse-cartoon-300x270To understand this we must first look at the psychology of the abuser.

This is no easy task, and experts have spent decades studying the nuances of the human psyche to figure out what makes a person abusive and why people abuse. Are there core personality traits which predispose people toward abuse, or is abuse a learned behavior?

Abuse is defined as the improper use of something or someone, but the definition does little to convey what abuse really is when it comes to interactions between people.

Abuse can be broken down into different categories, according to Kids Health, and these categories are:

  • Physical abuse:Any abuse which causes physical injury; bruises, cuts, broken…

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