To think that my silence was translated into weakness, dependency, neediness….

But I laughed as I ran in that rain.

I laughed when the engine of that bus revved up…….

I laughed!

When your indigenous words slandered me. When you spoke loudly in front of me thinking me, a foreigner, knew not your tongue…….

I laughed.

I smiled.

I felt like giving up my plans in the works…

But mostly, I just laughed.

Oh to be a fool! Oh to be fooled!

But, were you, really?

My life for ages, lied in the front of you all in a red battered case.

I hid little with words,but all with action, until you all realized that you underestimated me.

Now gone……..

Have you eaten your words?

Have you remorsed over your cruelty?


Foolishness is slow at learning…sometimes always missing the mark.

But you learned that day…..

Never underestimate, the power of silence.

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