I  literally  only  have less  than  40  people  on  my  facebook  page…..and  I  am  not  taking  any applicants  any  time  soon.  It  is  mainly  used  for  family  and  very  close  friends,  but  soon,  just  family.  Facebook  is  something  else,  I  tell  ya!  Maybe  I  will  get  into  it  again,  the  way  that  I  use  to  be,  when  I  actually  start  self-promoting. GREAT  ARTICLE!  I  know  it  will  Bless  any  and  all who  read  it.  🙂

Mustard Seed Budget

envy from gocomics.com

What is Facebook good for? Provoking envy, according to studies.

Why are we humans so prone to brag, show off and flaunt pride? This is sin.

Why are also vulnerable to feeling envy? Rom. 12:15 describes Christian character: Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Feel good about another’s success/blessing. Fell compassion on another’s failure/suffering.

Compassion of the suffering is why Christians evangelize. Maybe what you’re suffering is envy. Come to Jesus.

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