Confessions of a Writer .31 (Algo mas?)

Yesterday,  when  I  had  dinner  with  my  son,  the  beautiful  waitress,  just  doing  her  job,  came  and  asked  me;  “Algo  mas?”  (Anything  else?)  I  responded  with  a  subtle;  “No  senora,  No  mas. Muchas  gracias.”

All  of  these  things  were  new  to  me.  Eating  Salvadorian  food,  at  a  Salvadorian  restaurant,  with this  little  boy  who  dotes  on  chicken  nuggets  and  fries.  I  looked  at  my surroundings  and  my  son  and  thought;  “All  of  you  are  new  to  my world.”  My  adventures  are  always  dove  into  alone,  and  now  I  have  this  human  being  who  tags  along,  waiting  for  me  to  humor  him  and  show  him  if  I  have  what  it  takes  to  enjoy  life  and  ink  a  permanent  smile  across  his  face.

The  other  day  I  said  to  him;  “Jeremiah,  Mommy  needs  a  vacation!”  His  innocent  response;  “Okay,  so  let’s  go  somewhere,  like,  to  a  hotel  and  you get  your  own  bed  and  my  own  bed  and  we’ll  have  an  adventure.  We  can  go  somewhere  far!”  I  said  to  him;  “That  doesn’t  sound  half  bad!  I  think  we’ll  do  that!”  He  was  ecstatic  when  he  heard  that  I  was  in  agreement  with  him.  As  if  he  were  saying;  “Wow!  I’m  only  6  and  a  grown up  believes  in  my  idea?”  For  the  record,  I  never  want  that  to  be  a  surprise  to  him.

So  I  began  my  hunt  for  a  destination.  I considered  Puerto  Rico.  I  love  Puerto Ricans.  I  will  always  say  this.  I  love  their  mannerisms  and  their  culture.  It  is  one  destination  that  is  out  of  reach  to  my  every  day  norms,  yet  keeps  to  some  level  of  national  security for  my  son  and  myself.  But  we  shall  see.  Summer  break  is  coming  up,  so  let  the  adventures  and discoveries  begin.

In  response  to  this  waitress,  “Algo  mas?”  Yes!  I  would  like  something  else!  I  would  like  more  leaps  of  faith,  memories  to build,  to  see  more  smiles  on  my  sons  face,  more  embarrassing  boisterous  laughs  from  myself,  more  cultural  experiences  that  I can  share  with  this  beautiful  world.  Just  to  think,  out  of  one  visit  to  a  restaurant,  came  all  of  these  little  gifts  and  appreciations.

Thank  you  God,  and  thank  you  world. ❤  world

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Writer .31 (Algo mas?)

  1. monicazamorac says:

    Nice story. I am new to WordPress … have you been around for long time? if you have any advice, I would appreciate it! BTW – I found your blog as i was looking for some blog posts in Spanish … but it seems there are not that much. Thanks

    • predestined30 says:

      Welcome to WordPress and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!! 😉 I am glad to see that the tags actually work. That is one piece of advice that I can give. Use tags that reach your audience. If you are writing about “Love”, make sure you tag it as such; {love, relationships, etc.} Categorize your writing as well. If you write poetry, put it in the category with poetry. If you write about fashion, put it in the fashion category, of course…titling your categories in your own unique way, but having your WordPress page organized in that way, helps your readers navigate through your page, easily. The easier the navigation, the more attracting your age is. I have been on WordPress for about 3 years now. Enjoy your time here. Have fun and write your heart out!!!! ❤ 😀

    • predestined30 says:

      Also, utilize the customization tools that WordPress provides. I am not very new on this site, but I am new to using some of the tools. I am going to post a blog about your page to help draw in more readers!! I am so happy for you, that you decided to join WordPress! You will like it. 🙂

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