At my weakest…..

At  my  weakest,  You  are  strong,

You  carry  me  though  right  or  wrong..

My  issues span  from  here  to  there,

but  my  infirmities,  You  still  bare.

I don’t  know  how  I  could  make  it  through…..

I  couldn’t  if  I  didn’t  have  You.

The friends  who  come,  fit  the  equation,

but  the  friends  who  go,  leave  small  abrasions….

they  add  up  to  create  open  wounds,

which  stay  unhealed  often,  for  many  moons.

Still  at  my  weakest  you  carry  me.

At  my  weakest,  I  am  still  free..

{John 8:36} “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Freedom(Photo credit:

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