Confession of a Writer .22 (LOVE, doesn’t hurt)


Even  though  “that  person”,  ran  your  emotions  into  the  dirt…..

Just,  REMEMBER………………….

That  LOVE,  doesn’t  hurt.  ❤

So  I’ve  been told,  by  a  beautiful soul.

I  do  believe  in  it,  myself,  and hope  in  it  as  well.

That  phrase  never  fails  to put a  smile  on  my  face.  😀 <—-Yes,  that  kind  of  smile!

I  never  heard  it  before  until  someone  said  it  to  me,  and  like  a  puzzle,  the  pieces  came  together,  and  I  had  some  sort  of  epiphany,  instantly.  My choices  from  that  point  on,  have  been  based  on  the  truths  of  that  phrase.  I am  grateful, because  that  single  phrase  has  changed  my  future.  It  has  even  reminded  me  of  my  worthiness  of  love,  happiness,  peace……LOVE,  LOVE,  LOVE!!!!!!!!  Spread  that  message!

2 thoughts on “Confession of a Writer .22 (LOVE, doesn’t hurt)

    • predestined30 says:

      Your Welcome! It was shared with me, so I wanted to appreciate the one who shared it, and people in general, by paying it forward. Thank you for taking the time to read! ❤

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