Confession of a Writer .20 (WordPress, I bid thee farewell……….until next fall) Revised

My Final Post on WordPress until the fall ‚̧ ūüôā Enjoy and check out some of the WordPress writers mentioned in my Posting. Thank you for everything! God Bless!

I  have  finally  reached  my  20th  confession! 

I¬† had¬† too¬† many¬† glasses¬† of¬† ‚Äúpain‚Ä̬† last¬† night,¬† and¬† had¬† to¬† sober up,¬† so¬† I¬† went¬† to¬† bed (After¬† a¬† late¬† night¬† shopping¬† spree *therapy‚Ķ‚Ķ.it¬† happens¬† to¬† the¬† best of¬† us, ladies) and¬† I¬† feel¬† a¬† bit¬† better this¬† morning‚Ķ‚Ķafter¬† making¬† my¬† wonderful¬† ‚ÄúBustelo‚ÄĚ.¬† We¬† share¬† our¬† mornings¬† together, most¬† days. ‚̧

Through  this  journey,  I  have  met  the  greatest  people  in  my entire  world,  so  far!  I  do  not  regret  a  single  soul.  They  have  all  been  my  inspiration  to  my  life’s  work………..writing.  I  met a  couple  of  men…  who  sketches  down  the  issues  of  his  heart, so  poetically,  that even  through  his  poems  of  hurtful lessons  learned  through  painstaking  relationships……you  still fall  in  love  with  his  kindness,  character,  and  brilliance.  He  sketches   the  picture  of  narcissism  so  clearly  through  his writing, that  his  intelligence for  his  topics …

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