If my tears were women, they would say………..

To every mom,
We don’t have time to lose ourselves in our emotions, curl up into a ball in the middle of our beds, and sob all day, like we would so love to do when life takes it toll. There is always a little person or little people, trotting behind, just as a tear is about to fall asking; “Mommy can you feed me? I’m hungry.”etc. So you have to give your tears a rain check. In moments where you can’t let it all out, get the most out of your brokenness. Turn it into something for your benefit, so that in the future, when you get through what is hurting you so badly, you can crack a smile at the remembrance, rather than hoarder bitterness.


“Didn’t  we  just  tell  this  chick  NOT,  to  talk  to  that  man?  Damn it!  There  she  goes!  Suit  up  ladies!  I  think  we  are  going  to  be  pulling  a  double  shift  today!”


“When  do  we  get  a  vacation?”


“You  know  if  we  boycott….it’s  going  to  hurt  you  more!”


“Do  we  get  paid  for  time  and  a  half?”  (Said  with  a  Fran  Drescher  accent)

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