Thoughtful Moments for the soul…(By Raven Nicole`)

I  do  not  ask  for  prayer  because  I  am  desperate  for  the  sympathy  of  man.  I  ask  for  prayer  because  I  know  that  it  works.  I  am  learning  at  a  moderate  pace,  that  I  can  not  ask  everyone  for  prayer  because,  some  people  can’t  and  won’t  even  pray  for  themselves.

Many mom’s can smell poop from a mile away….literally……………………and figuratively.

Misery loves company, but misery does not always realize how miserable she is, until she has to be alone with herself for a moment.

Forgiving, has nothing to do with lacking wisdom  and  returning  back  to  what  polluted  your  walk  in  the  first  place…whether  it  was  your  own  actions  that  caused  you  to  stumble  and  fall,  or  being  around  the  wrong  atmospheres. It does not mean that I have forgotten the past. I have no desire to repeat it again, so at times, distance is the best remedy to keep us all from going to hell.  I  do  not  know  if  distance  makes  the  heart  grow  fonder  in  every  case,  but  it  gives  me  peace  of  mind,  and  a  chance  to  grow  in  my  spirit,  where  my  forgiveness  is  weakened  towards  some  situations.  Our  forgiveness  can  be  as  fragile  as  our  spirits,  when  they  have  been  broken.

1  Corinthians  15:33 “Be  not  deceived:  evil  communications  corrupt  good  manners.”  In  a  time  when  EVERYONE  who  says  that  they  believe  in  God,  believes  that  they  are  Christian,  because  “they  are good  people,”  it  is  our  responsibility  to  know  what  that  scripture  means,  as  well  as  understand  what makes  us  Christian. And  NO,  being  a  “good  person”,  does  not  mean  we  are  Christian.  I  have  met  Atheists  who  are  “good  people.”

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