Forgiving Ourselves (By Raven Nicole`)

If we do not learn how to forgive ourselves, that can kill our souls as fast as unforgiveness. When God has pardoned our sins, we are still fighting the battle of guilt. That guilt is strait from the depths of hell, and it is designed to keep us bound, when God has already made us free. Guilt, is the toxic voice of satan telling us that we are shamed and disgraced, and that NO ONE will forget nor forgive what we did….Not even God. Know your word! The devil is a LIAR! No matter how many times we say that, you need to believe it. Guilt is the reason why people stay in sin, it is the reason why people hide rather than live freely in Christ, it is the reason why many attempt and/or commit suicide. People may hold your shortcomings against you, but PEOPLE are full of sin, flesh and blood themselves, and cannot save your soul nor cast your soul into eternal damnation. Let God heal you, and let His forgiveness rule your life so that you can be and stay free.

John 8:36
“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

God Bless,
(Raven Nicole`)


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